Google Chrome WARNING – Your browser could be secretly filming YOU, here’s how to stop it –

Google Chrome could be secretly recording audio and video behind your back, it has been claimed.

According to AOL developer Ran Bar-Zik, a flaw within the browser enables malicious sites to record audio and video – without giving away that anything nefarious is happening on your computer. Bar-Zik reported the UX flaw to Google, back in April 2017.

said the flaw was not a valid security threat. As a result, it would not be rushing out a patch to fix the UX issue, blog The Hacker News has reported.

However, the California-based technology company confirmed it would look to find ways to “improve the situation” with future releases.

“This isn’t really a security vulnerability – for example, WebRTC on a mobile device shows no indicator at all in the browser,” a Chromium member replied to the researcher’s report.

“The dot is a best-first effort that only works on the desktop when we have chrome UI space available. That being said, we are looking at ways to improve this situation.”


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